New recordings by Yousuf Ali Khan featuring Aashish Khan (sarod) from July 06

Solo Guitar Instrumentals   Errol Meade   commencing July 06

Anutha Mutha-ing Sunday   Estoban Zorro   (working title) commenced Sept 05

June & Suhel   Assorted Bengali pop songs  commenced April 06

Sambuka   Live in Milton Keynes   Dec 05
Live recording of Hemel's finest at The Spice Lounge

"Jungle Cowpants"

“Jazzy Masala”  Y.A.K. & Co   2005
Nine contemporary pieces for Tabla and Jazz ensemble composed and arranged by Yousuf Ali Khan. Mastered at Hilton Grove Studios.

“Dream of Tunes”  Shaheen Khan  2005 (released in Bangladesh)
Four Classical ragas of fifteen minutes each by Sarod Guru Shaheen Khan, accompanied by Tabla player Yousuf Ali Khan.

“Estoban Zorro”  Estoban Zorro  2005
An album of favourite songs covered by Bushwood Studios house drummer and percussionist Estoban Zorro. With David Goodier, basses, Gerry Hunt, guitars and Brendan Power, harmonicas. Mastered by Peter Dudley.

“Vinte Anos De Samba”   G.R.E.S. Unidos de Londres  2004
2004 Samba de Enredo performed at the Notting Hill Carnival, plus restored archive material from 20 years of gigs.

“Passeo Malanga”  Passeo Malanga  2003
Live location recording of Britain’s only Conga Comparsa band, playing the authentic carnival sounds of Santiago de Cuba.

“London School of Samba 2001-2003”   G.R.E.S. Unidos de Londres  2003
Studio recordings of the 2001, 2002 and 2003 Samba de Enredos performed at the Notting Hill Carnival, plus live recordings of Samba Reggaes: Muzenza, Ogun, Exu, Olodum & Ijexa.

“Breaking the Ice”  David Willetts  1999
A percussion soundtrack for Pop Up Theatre Company’s production of Sarah Clifford’s play

"Samba Enredos"  G.R.E.S. Unidos de Londres  1997 – 2005

Every year the London School of Samba commissions a song for the Notting Hill carnival parade. These have mostly been written and performed by Xavier Osmir (Puxador) and Paul Rumbold (Cavaquinho) with the bateria of the LSS. Other guest musicians on these recordings have included Esteves Da Silva, Jo Hanson, David Willetts, Robin Jones, Hamish Orr, Ake Persson & Barak Schmool. No other samba school in Europe records a new Enredo every year, so by default, Bushwood Studios is the most experienced studio in Europe for recording sambas!