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Florence(Flo or Florrie) Elizabeth REARDON

17th Mar 18961 - 6th Oct 1977


Life History

17th Mar 1896

Born in Stepney, London (Troon Street, Ratcliff).1

1c 419


Recorded in census in Whites Stables, Troon Street, Ratcliff.2

RG13/ 318 f 43 p 10

21st May 1923

St. Andrew's Church, Stanstead Abbotts

21st May 1923

Married William(Bill) Joseph BROWN in Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire

24th May 1924

Birth of son Edward (Ted) John BROWN in Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire

14th Nov 1974

Death of William(Bill) Joseph BROWN in Hertford, Hertfordshire

Oct 1977

Buried in Enfield Crematorium

6th Oct 1977

Died in County Hospital, Hertford

Other facts


Educated Cable Street School

passed exam and accepted at Blue Coat School but place not taken up as she had to help look after the younger children


Religion baptised Catholic; brought up C of E


  • 1896-c.01:   Troon Street, Ratcliff, Stepney, Londonc.1901-23:   125 White Horse Road, Stepney1923-c.29:   Flat in Police Sgt. Parker's house, StokeNewington, Londonc.1929-38:   6 Glenmire Terrace, Stanstead Abbotts, Nr Ware,Hertfordshire12.12.1938-77:  18 High Street, Standstead Abbotts, etc.President of the W.I. for East Herts Chairman of local amateur dramatic society
  • Note from Christine Jackson Nov 03
    Florence (Flo) Reardon
    from Ted:  During 1st W.War she worked for 'Glanfield', Whitechapel Road - making Army Uniforms with her sister, Mary; and then Millie - when she was old enough.
    Between c. 1918 and c.1923, Flo, Mary & Millie worked for 'Mr. Lasnick in the East End'.
    from Ted:  During 2nd W.War Mary & Millie stayed at 18 High Street, Stanstead Abbotts, nearly every weekend to escape the bombing.  Will & Arthur also stayed there (for the same reason) whenever they were    not working or part of a 'Gang' - see their separate entries.
    NB:  Besides staying with their elder sister, they would also see their father (see EJPR above)
    Ted has the receipt, dated 19.5.1923, for Flo's 22ct gold Wedding Ring:  bought on Commercial Road, Stepney, for £2.10s.
    from Christine:  Flo said that she and all her brothers and sisters were christened RC but all grew up to be C of E. (please see the note from Pat under the entry for her father, John Reardon, re Excommunication that provides some corroboration for this story)
    Flo also said that her father's side of the family was Irish Catholic from the South (thanks to your efforts, Diane, that appears to be right) and that her mother's side of the family were Irish Protestants from the         North (perhaps that's where the Stevens' originally came from?)
    And finally, as a very little girl she remembered two 'little old Aunts' coming to visit (presumably the Troon Street home).  They wore black, 'sat bolt upright on their chairs' for however long the visit was -      and she never saw them again…


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