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Harry REARDON ("the Gas")

between Jul 1902 and Sep 19021,2 -

Life History

between Jul 1902 and Sep 1902


possible 3Q 1903 1C 370 Henry

before 1940

Death of Margaret (Maggie) UNKNOWN(REARDON)


  • Notes from Christine Jackson Nov 03
    from Ted and Barbara:    known as 'Harry The Gas' or 'The Gas'
    from Ted:  Arthur & Will teased him with these names
    from Beryl:   her father, John, called him 'Deedbox Harry'
    from Ted:  occ:  Gas Works
    notes:  from Pat:  he had Asthma
            White Brothers Stable Yard, etc.
            125 White Horse Road, Stepney
                 from Ted:  lived in Shoreditch or Poplar


  • 1. Family memory
  • 2. Free BMD

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