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James John SPIVEY

27th Dec 18381 - 25th Dec 19028,9

Stationary Engine Driver

Life History

27th Dec 1838

Born in Limehouse, London (67 Fore Street, Limehouse.).1

Birth date same as register date.

17th Feb 1839

Baptised in Limehouse, London (St Anne's, Limehouse).2

Entry no 770.  Source ref  X069/001

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Limehouse, London (Rigmans (?) Rents, Lintons Place, Limehouse).3

HO107/701/8 fol 8 p10


Recorded in census in Poplar, London (Shirbutt Cottage, Shirbutt Street, Poplar).4

HO 107/1556 folio 646,


Occupation Engine Driver in Limehouse, London.5

and in 1881 census

25th Dec 1857

Married Mary Ann RAWLINSON in Limehouse, London.5

St Anne's Church. James living at 6 Church Lane, Limehouse (continuation of Church Row by St Anne's - now Newell St)  Mary at 1 Waterloo Street (// to Salmon Lane, n side of Commercial Rd - no longer there)

between Apr 1858 and Jun 1858

Birth of daughter Mary SPIVEY in Poplar, London.8

25th May 1858

Death of daughter Mary SPIVEY in Poplar, London.9


Occupation Engine Driver in Lambeth, Surrey (6 John Street, Lambeth).1

from Mary Ann's birth certificate.

17th Jul 1860

Birth of daughter Mary Ann Eliza SPIVEY in Lambeth, Surrey.1


Recorded in census in Not found

NOT at Randall Street address or at John Street, Lambeth. Records for Stock Street are missing.

6th Aug 1862

Birth of daughter Eliza SPIVEY in Poplar, London.6,1


Occupation Fireman.2

from daughter Catherine's baptism record


Occupation General labourer.1

from Catherine's birth certificate

16th Jun 1864

Birth of daughter Catherine SPIVEY in Poplar, London.6,1

15th Apr 1866

Birth of son Francis SPIVEY in Poplar, London.1

between Jan 1868 and Mar 1868

Birth of daughter Frances SPIVEY in Poplar, London.6,12


Occupation Labourer in Bromley by Bow, London (3 Jeremiah Street, Bromley-by-Bow).1

from Sarah's birth certificate.

25th Sep 1870

Birth of daughter Sarah SPIVEY in Bromley by Bow, London.10,1


Occupation Engine Driver in Thames Plate Glass Works

Thames Plate Glass Works opened in 1835 and closed in 1874. Largest employers of labour in district but because specialised industry many workers were migrants from older glass-making centres in North of England. Very deprived area, rough very poor people living in overcrowded conditions. No church or school.  Very few shops on west side of Orchard Place. Slum housing cleared by LCC in 193Os. One of only 6 plate glass factories in England and only one in the south. Women were over 40% of the workforce working mainly on hand polishing. Because of high price and high excise duty plate glass originally  used mainly for mirrors. Original firm  was taken  over by a limited company  in 1864. Invested heavily in new machinery - Sir Henry Bessemer invented mechanical rollers which meant there was very little hand work left. In 1870 the company was on the point of closing down due to greater competition and a breakdown in industrial relations. It went into voluntary liquidation in February 1873. The 1866 plan shows 2 engine houses next to the grinding and polishing shops and a manager's house at the edge of the site.
from Survey of London vol 44


Recorded in census in Poplar, London (House in Thames Plate Glass Works, Bow Creek).10

Nephew Francis Spivey (20) is also living in the household.
Other household sharing house - Joseph Thomas (Plate Glass Maker), wife Harriet, m-in-law Harriet Jervis, gson St Joseph Smith.
RG10 580/11

about Mar 1872

Death of daughter Sarah SPIVEY in Poplar, London

between Jul 1872 and Sep 1872

Birth of son James SPIVEY in Poplar, London.6,12


Occupation Labourer.1

from daughter Elizabeth's birth certificate

27th Oct 1874

Birth of daughter Elizabeth SPIVEY in Poplar, London.6,12,1

between Apr 1879 and Jun 1879

Birth of son Henry SPIVEY in Poplar, London.6,12

12th Apr 1880

Death of Mary Ann RAWLINSON in Poplar, London.9


Recorded in census in Bromley by Bow, London (52 Venue Street, Bromley by Bow).6

Widower. RG11/0501 fol 14 p 26


Occupation Stationary Engine Driver


Recorded in census in Bromley by Bow, London (57 Spey Street, Bromley by Bow).7

Widower. Also in house: grandson Alfred Spivey aged 5 (b 1886) RG12/324 fol 100 p50

15th May 1892

Parish church of Bromley St Leonard

Poplar 1c 916. Both widowed & resident in Bromley. Witnesses: Arthur Cooper & Mary Ann Spivey (James' daughter)

15th May 1892

Married Mary Jane DIPPER in Bromley by Bow, London.8,5

Poplar 1c 916. Both widowed & resident in Bromley. Witnesses: Arthur Cooper & Mary Ann Spivey (James' daughter)

about Dec 1892

Death of daughter Frances SPIVEY in Poplar, London.8

about Jun 1896

Death of daughter Eliza SPIVEY.11


Occupation Engineer.5

from daughter  Catherine's marriage cert


Occupation Engine Driver (Stationary)


Recorded in census in Bromley by Bow, London (20 Portree Street, Bromley by Bow).13

RG13/347 folio 13 p 17

25th Dec 1902

Died in Plaistow, West Ham Bronchial & cardiac failure (122 New City Road, Plaistow).8,9

West Ham vol 4a 59. Informed by M.J Spivey widow, present at death.

Other facts


Birth of son Robert SPIVEY


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