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John Francis GANE

18011,2 - 1st Jul 18482


Life History


Born in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK.1,2

1st Jul 1827

Married Sarah SHAW in St Marys, Whitechapel, London.2

30th Apr 1830

Birth of son John Thomas GANE.3

before 1833

Birth of son Benjamin Bowen GANE in Stepney, London

about 1835

Birth of son Thomas GANE.5

11th May 1838

Death of son Thomas GANE in St George's in the East, London.4

8th Aug 1839

Birth of daughter Ann GANE in St George's in the East, London

4th Apr 1844

Birth of son Edward Shaw GANE in Mile End, London.6,7

4th Oct 1846

Birth of son George Pewhess GANE in St George's in the East, London.7

1st Jul 1848

Died in On board "Waterlily" from Jamaica.2

24th Sep 1848

Birth of son Robert GANE in Stepney, London.8


Birth of daughter Amelia GANE in Middlesex.9


  • Went to sea first aged 9 as an apprentice on the "David" on a voyage from
    Bristol to Jamaica. In 1819 - 2nd Mate on "Perfection"; 1834 - 2nd mate on
    "Luma";1839 - cook on "Ada"; 1839-41 cook on "Waterlily", 1841 - Cook on
    "Forrester"; 1842-48 cook on "Waterlily". On return journey on "Waterlily"
    from Jamaica in 1848, died from "a blow, over exhaustion and inflammation"
    Wages on last journey were 3 Pounds per week.
    Incorrectly appears as John Thomas on Ann's marriage certificate2

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