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Violet Gane Wedding

Violet Gane Wedding

Edward Jeremiah Patrick REARDON (The Colonel)

21st Mar 18761,2 - about 19446

Transport Foreman5

Life History

21st Mar 1876

Born in Marylebone, London (27 Great Barlow Street, Marylebone).1,2

1901 census says b 1873 in High Holborn.


Recorded in census in Marylebone, London (27 Gt Barlow Street, London, Middlesex).1


Occupation Journeyman Farrier.3


Recorded in census in Marylebone, London (27 Great Barlow Street, Marylebone).3

RG 12/94/130/56. Listed in census as Patrick.

between Jul 1892 and Sep 1892

Married Amelia STEVENS in Bethnal Green, London.8

1c 343

between Jan 1893 and Mar 1893

Birth of son Edward(Ted) REARDON in Whitechapel, London.8

17th Mar 1896

Birth of daughter Florence(Flo or Florrie) Elizabeth REARDON in Stepney, London.8

16th Feb 1898

Birth of son John(Jack) REARDON in Stepney, London.8,6

20th Nov 1899

Birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth REARDON in Stepney, London.6


Occupation Horsekeeper and Caretaker of Yard in Ratcliff, London.4

Census transcription says Housekeeper but he's described on Arthur's birth cert as Horsekeeper.


Recorded in census in Ratcliff, London (Whites Stables, Troon St, Ratcliff).4

RG13/ 318 f 43 p 10

16th Sep 1901

Birth of daughter Amelia(Millie) REARDON in Stepney, London.6

between Jul 1902 and Sep 1902

Birth of son Harry REARDON.6,8

20th Dec 1904

Birth of son William(Will) REARDON in Stepney, London.6,8

between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909

Birth of daughter Cecilia(Sissy) REARDON in Stepney, London.6


Occupation Horsekeeper.2

from Arthur's birth certificate

28th Jun 1911

Birth of son Arthur REARDON in Ratcliff, London.6,2

12th Jan 1913

Birth of daughter Margaret REARDON in Ratcliff, London.6

between 1915 and 1929

Death of Amelia STEVENS

15th Feb 1915

Birth of son Albert(Bert) REARDON in Ratcliff, London.6


Occupation Wharfing Manager.5

from Flo & Bill's marriage cert


Occupation Transport Foreman.5

from son Edward's marriage certificate

7th Sep 1936

Death of son Edward(Ted) REARDON in Papworth Everard, Cambs.7

about 1944


from Ted Brown


  • Notes from Christine Jackson Nov 03
    from Ted:    Edward was General Manager of a Cartage firm in the Docks, i.e.  goods from boats to shops
    - he had (or looked after) four dray horses.
    EJPR went to live at 18 High Street 'when the bombing started' 1940/1
    - he would sit in an armchair in front of the fire in the 'front room' (this made life 'difficult' for Ted & Marjorie as 'courting had to be done behind him')
    He would walk to 'The Oak' pub for lunch
    dd.  c.1944   -  Stanstead Abbotts, Herts    (i.e. about a year before Ted's wedding in 1945)
    EJPR  was probably buried in the old Church at  Stanstead Abbotts (or Enfield Crematorium) but Ted can't remember attending a funeral - so there is a possibility EJPR  was 'taken to London'


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